Special consultation Skeletal Disease

Our skeleton consists of more than 200 bones which fulfil varied functions in the human organism individually and in cooperation. Thus the skeleton serves as support and guarantees stability. It protects important organs against external effects and is of pivotal importance in the formation of blood. It also acts as a generator of the length growth.

What are the causes for skeletal diseases?

The causes for skeletal diseases vary. Innate malformations of the skeleton can lead to considerable functional restrictions and be connected with strong pain. Interferences of growth processes cause stunted growth. The faulty arrangement of articular cartilage can lead to early arthrosis and molecular defects can affect the bone strength and support an increased inclination to bone fractures.

What can medical genetics achieve?

The variety of diseases shows a challenge to the clinical diagnostics. However, the correct diagnosis is required for prediction and for initiating, e.g., therapeutic measures.

We offer a special consultation for skeletal dieseases in the institute of medical genetics in which we can deal specifically with the problems of these patients.

This takes place in cooperation with the interdisciplinary ambulance for skeletal dysplasia in the social-paediatric centre (SPC) of the Charité.

Important informations for affected persons and their families:
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