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Medical genetics examines the origins and mechanisms of diseases caused by genetic disorders. Medical genetics connects basic research with clinical medicine and thereby allows for the application of findings when making predictive and preventive assessments.

In addition to the standard methods used for diagnostics, medical genetics makes use of an increasing number of molecular genetic methods. The use of these methods enables us to identify an ever increasing number of genetic diseases. Molecular genetics exhibits an exceptional potential to assist us in the comprehension of the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases and will contribute to the development of novel therapeutic concepts.

Aim of the Institute

We offer high level, full clinical and diagnostic services to individual patients, families and professional colleagues. It is our goal to ensure a transfer of most recent expertise in this rapidly growing field of medicine.

As for education, it is our goal to impart knowledge of the basic principles of human genetics to students, physicians and medical personnel in order to convey the importance of genes in the genesis of human diseases.

We aim to conduct a comprehensive research program covering topics from clinical genetics, cytogenetics and molecular genetics to impart a better understanding of the origins and the pathology of diseases caused by a genetic disorder. We are especially interested in discovering the origins of congenital malformations and the mechanisms of their genesis.


Part of the institute for medical genetics is the research group Development & Disease which is located at the MPI for Molecular Genetics in Berlin/Dahlem.


The PEDIA-Study is a multi-center study, we are currently investigating the diagnostic performance of the analysis tool Opens external link in current windowFace2Gene in assessing exome data. Click here for more information.

Take part in PEDIA's Machine Learning Challenge!

Study of Limb Malformations

At our institute we study the genetic causes of hand- and foot malformations. If you are an interested patient or physician please click here.

Head of the Institute

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Mundlos

Head of Institute

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