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Research at the Institute for Medical Genetics and Human Genetics

The aim of our research is to gain a better understanding of the origins and the pathology of genetic disorders.

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Research at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Humangenetics

Our institute is involved in a rich research program covering topics in clinical genetics, cytogenetics and molecular genetics. We aim to gain a better understanding of the origins and the pathology of diseases which are caused by a genetic disorder. In our research, we combine clinical analysis, molecular genetic analysis and bioinformatics algorithms to develop an understanding of the origins of congenital malformations and the mechanisms of their genesis.

At the MPI for Molecular Genetics in Berlin/Dahlem, the research group Development and Disease examines the molecular mechanisms of skeletal development. Data obtained in vitro and in vivo provide insight into the function of genes during normal and pathological development.

Current research projects at the Institute of Medical Genetic and Human genetics