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Clinical genomics

Exome and genome analysis has long been used for research purposes at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Human Genetics and is increasingly developing as an important component of clinical diagnostics. Compared to conventional methods (single gene analysis, chromosome analysis, array CGH), exome and genome analysis enables a higher diagnosis rate and allows the detection of new disease genes.

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Clinical genomics

As part of a contract with some national health insurance companies, an exome analysis can be performed if a rare, genetic disease is suspected. 

This is done in cooperation with Labor Berlin - Charité Vivantes GmbH. In the course of an exome analysis, the coding regions of the genome are analyzed. It can be used for patients without a diagnosis and no available gene panel analysis. For the correct assessment of detected variants, a precise definition of clinical information about the index patient in Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) format is required.

The exome analysis at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Human Genetics is carried out in close cooperation with the Berlin Centre for Rare Diseases  and the Core Unit Bioinformatics of the BIH. The use of exome diagnostics in clinical care has been successfully tested within the framework of the innovation fund project TRANSLATE-NAMSE.

For some questions there is the additional possibility to evaluate the exome data in the context of studies on a research basis as well as to perform complementary genome sequencing. Please contact us for further information.

The Institute of Medical Genetics and Human Genetics was involved in the development of several bioinformatic tools for the prioritization and evaluation of sequence variants detected in exome and genome analyses and is working on their continuous improvement.

Head of working group: PD Dr. med. Nadja Ehmke 

Further contact persons

Dr. med. Felix Boschann 

Dr. med. Henrike Sczakiel 

Dr. med. Magdalena Danyel 

Dr. med. Ronja Adam

Max Zhao

Angela Abad-Perez


Contact person

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